More about Chris Street

Dominic, Sharon, Chris (bottom row) and Georgina Street
Chris Street with his son Dominic (top), wife Sharon and daughter Georgina.

At the start of his career Chris Street worked in a biochemical laboratory. Over the next two decades Chris held senior management positions in sales, export sales, marketing & product management at several chemical companies.

In 1999 Chris founded and was Managing Director of an e-commerce company until 2012.

In 2012/13 Chris Street attended a PGCE science teacher training course at Bath Spa University and in May 2015 Chris passed the Department of Education literacy & numeracy professional skills tests.

Chris Street founded ‘my Master of Science tutor’ in January 2015.

Chris Street Qualifications

i. BSc Hons. (Biochemistry) – Bristol University (1976).
ii. MBA (Master of Business Administration) – Open University (2000).
iii. MSc (Master of Science in Medicinal Chem) – Open University (2015).

Teacher training

i. Attended Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) Chemistry course – Bath Spa University (2012-2013). Was not awarded QTS.
ii. Passed the Department of Education literacy & numeracy professional skills tests (2015).


i. Lab, Sales & Marketing in UK Chemical Industry (1977-1999)
ii. Web marketing (1999-2012)
iii. Supply Teacher to 20 schools (2014 – 16) https://mymasterofscienceTutor.education/schools
iv. Tutor at My Master of Science Tutor (MMoST.org) (2015 – present)

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