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“I don’t think I would’ve got the grades I got without your help and support.” Luke S.

Luke Scriven told Chris Street "thank you for the help with my GCSE exams, I don't think I would've got the grades I got without your help and support."
Luke S was the first student tutored by Chris Street. Luke achieved an ‘A’ grade in Chemistry and an ‘A*’ in Maths at GCSE. He wrote “thank you for the help with my GCSE exams, I don’t think I would’ve got the grades I got without your help and support.” 

‘A’ Level Chemistry

In August 2018 Drs Sarah & John P said:

“We are very grateful for your excellent teaching and support in recent years. It has made a tremendous difference and helped Will & Emily achieve great results”

Will P wrote in a ‘Thank-You Card’:

“Thank you very much for helping me reach my ‘A’ grade and get into York Uni.”

In June 2017 Andrew D said:

“Chris has tutored our daughter Izzy in ‘A’ level Chemistry for several months. He is friendly, helpful and approachable. He always arrives on time and frequently stays beyond the allotted finish time. Not only is he an experienced tutor, but also has professional experience in the Chemical industry. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal tutor.”

In August 2017 Izzy D got:

a ‘D’ at Chemistry A level and will study Biological Sciences at Bristol University.

‘A’ Level Biology

In July 2017 Dr Sarah P said:

“Chris thank you very much for your help with Emily’s AS level Biology. Her mark has improved from a Grade E in her mock at Christmas 2016 to a Grade A in her exam in June 2017. A huge improvement in only 6 months! We are very grateful for you help.”

A year later in August 2018, Emily P wrote in her Thank You Card:

“Thank you so much for all your excellent teaching and for helping me get the grade ‘C’ I needed to attend my first choice uni.”

GCSE Sciences & Maths & Other News

April 2018: James B got over 70% in his chemistry mock and will, therefore, be doing the Higher GCSE paper in the summer. ‘Thank you for helping him to achieve this!’

August 2017: Elliot G got ‘B’ in January 2017 mocks before starting tutorials. He gained ‘A’ GCSE grade in Chemistry, Biology & Physics;

June 2017: Daisy from BCS wrote a card to Chris Street “Thank you for making my dream grades possible”.

August 2016: Dylan from BSB – C Chemistry (pred. E); James from Sherborne – A* Physics (pred. B)

July 2016: Chris Street taught English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to a dozen Chinese students.

January 2016: Lucy from BSG – A Chemistry, Biology & Physics in GCSE mocks.

More News

November 2015: Chris Street was awarded the Master of Science (MSc) in Medicinal Chemistry from the Open University.

May 2015: Chris Street passed the Department of Education literacy & numeracy professional skills tests for prospective teachers.