In July 2016 Chris Street taught Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to eight Chinese students aged 13-18 years. The students studied at Ballard School in New Milton with UK Guardians.


To prepare for the Chinese students TEFL assignment, Chris joined the theTEFL Academy which has a 120 hour course leading to TEFL Certification. A week before the Chinese students assignment, Chris attended an intensive 20 hour weekend course in Southampton.

The TEFL Academy - Course Photo 19-07-16 - Southampton-1468934447_600
theTEFLAcademy, Chris Street, back row.


After the four day course, Helen Herridge of UK Guardians asked the students & their two Chinese English teachers to complete a questionnaire:

1. How would you rate your teacher? Chris was rated ‘Good’

2. How much do you feel the lessons have improved your English? Chris was rated ‘Excellent’

Helen said:

helen-herridge-facebookFrom the written comments all had a great time and have gone away happy… For your first time teaching English as a foreign language I think you did a great job… I would be very happy to work with you again next year…

Since then Chris Street has given TEFL teaching to groups of French students in Christchurch library.