In July 2016 Chris Street taught Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) to eight Chinese students aged 13-18 years. The students studied at Ballard School in New Milton with UK Guardians.


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To prepare for the Chinese students TEFL assignment, Chris joined the theTEFL Academy which has a 120 hour course leading to TEFL Certification. A week before the Chinese students assignment, Chris attended an intensive 20 hour weekend course in Southampton taught by Lynne Roberts, a Senior Trainer.

The TEFL Academy - Course Photo 19-07-16 - Southampton-1468934447_600
theTEFLAcademy, Chris Street, back row

The Chinese students were from all from Chengdu except for Luke who came from Beijing.


After the four day course, Helen Herridge of UK Guardians asked the students & their two Chinese English teachers to complete a questionnaire:

1. How would you rate your teacher?
Excellent = 7 Very Good = 1 Good = 2

2. How much do you feel the lessons have improved your English?
Excellent = 2 Very Good = 4 Good = 4

Helen said:

helen-herridge-facebookFrom the written comments all had a great time and have gone away happy… For your first time teaching English as a foreign language I think you did a great job… I would be very happy to work with you again next year…

Since then Chris Street has given TEFL teaching to groups of French students in Christchurch library.