General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Statement

a. Your personal data will be held on password-protected device(s). Data will include (but not limited to):
i. Names of Pupil and Client.
ii. Age or school year group of Pupil.
iii. School or college attended and details of target qualification.
iv. Address, phone numbers and email addresses of Client and (if provided) Pupil.
v. Anything else mutually considered relevant to private tuition.
b. Email addresses and phone numbers are also stored in email and phone contacts, and basic information relating to the course of study is included in planning documents.
c. If a Pupil aged under 18 is emailed or texted, then the Client will also be copied in.
d. Clients are welcome to interact with MMoST via our Facebook page
e. Phone numbers will only ever be used for matters directly relevant to tuition.
f. You may occasionally be emailed or texted with information about additional sessions/services relevant to Tutorials which may be of interest to you or your acquaintances, but this will not be a frequent occurrence.
g. Your personal information will not be passed to any third parties without your explicit consent, unless there is a legal requirement for it to be disclosed.
h. You have the right to ask for all information held relating to you to be deleted. Please note, however, that tuition cannot continue after information is deleted and that terms and conditions regarding cancellation remain the same.
i. Unless a Client has specifically asked for information to be destroyed, Client details will be held on file indefinitely.
j. Financial data will be retained for seven years for tax reasons.
k. When the information is destroyed, all papers will be shredded to protect the Client’s identity
l. Subject access requests: you have the right to see information held relating to this tuition agreement. If you wish to exercise this right, then you can do so by making an appointment to come at the beginning of a tuition session.
m. Declaration: I consent to my/our data being processed as described above.